Monday, August 10, 2009

Genting wib Sista

Genting trip wib sista

see my look
no made up
white as a sheet
like a ghost >.<

reach there at 4.00 pm
after put our luggage
went for Sing K
frenz owez encourage me to take part in Astro Star Quest next year
even my mum also
erm...sorry for I m not dare

after tat
we bought sumthin
and we bak hotel to make up
coz we wanted to took photo

make up ING

after made up

advertisement time..

muahaha xD

see tiz...

after tat
we went to Starbucks
gossip and enjoying our RM17++ drink
I really forgot wat drink is tat actually

around 12++ am
Alex brought along his frenz and join us
Bryan and Firus
I think their name is rite like tiz?

Firus was cool
juz sat there and smoke
maybe cuz he is a Malay
but he is kinda handsome

Bryan showed us magic show
It was intersting maybe
but I am no feeling and dunno gave wat respon to him
sorry ya Bryan
his job is clown at Genting
juz same age wib us
today Alex told me
Bryan prise me pretty
muahaha xD
so habii lor

after tat we bak to slept around 1.30am
next day we had our BAH GU TEH for breakfast
spent RM 90++
luckily not my money

after finish we went for a movie

tiz movie so silly
no point at all
but kinda funny
I decided dun work at Genting
maybe at Ipoh

enjoyed the trip wib sista

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