Saturday, August 22, 2009


took tiz last years when we celebrated 2 years aniversary
so funny lor
dear so cute(my opinion)
teehee xD

tiz morning dunno why my mood was bad
juz vry down and down and down

his mum invited me to her house to have a dinner
but i reject her through my dear
I am not ready for tiz
I am sorry
I will been there next time if have a chance


her sister praise my handmade chocolate was great


I love those Roxz and Evia heart shape chocolate


Dear is ready to open his own shop soon

I will support euu my babe Roxz

Erm…sorry I cant gave euu a nice name for the shop

Tiz job let euu and Jzen to do lor~


Dear promise me tat he will bring me for the roti tissue next week


I love roti tissue


Sleepy now~

Good nite to no one…

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