Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I din go for school today
went for driving test
my frenz and I pass edy
I can drive car car after I get my P license ^^
finally I get the photo from frenz
almost 1 year edy
the camera man cant find our e-mail add
finally he found my frenz after 1 year

tiz photos took last year
we went to hot spring
dD said its so valueable
haha xD
dad's buffday today
gorr bak from Ipoh
celebrated juz now wib whole family
all photo in gorr's camera
take from him later
dunno dad lubb my present or not
he has not open it yet
love the moment gathering wib family
gorr said
I had though a while
maybe he's makes sence
I love my family so much
Habii Buffday to baba^^

Sunday, June 28, 2009


woke up early today
went to Sam Tet for Chinise Poem competition
tiz competition is for Negeri
all of them were vry high standard wad
but I try my best!
I juz won the winning prize
is okay
in expectation
many leng zai in Wushu club
so 有型
but juz can see no touch
haha xD
but sumthing is make us not tat feeling well
Is not good typing at here
is okay I dun care it
since April till now
finally I can rest a while
finish all my project
finish all my competiton
I should prepare my next exam start now
hoped I can do it
gotta go for driving test on Tuesday
God bless me
hope it pass pass pass!
sry my dear
forgive me coz I m too reality
but I still lubb euu
maybe I m juz worried excessively...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


my 1st idol
Machael Jackson
The King of Pop was gone
You're a legend
our prayers are with you^^

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


my cute cute daughter
kaka xD
we will meet soon

my laptop burned edy
maybe voltage problem
now juz can use my bro's pc

my frenz's sis infect H1N1
erm...heared about she is get well edy
hope tat
I won 3rd in the chinese poem competition
need to go Ipoh Sam Tek compete again for Negeri
Good luck for me~

1 week din sleep
drive my art project
I am such a iron woman
celebrate Father's day last week
had dinner at restaurant
sis-in-law bought ice cream cake
I love it
dad so habii^^
30th dad birthday
celebrate again wib dad
Love Dad~
today I try to driving test
I pass edy!
I can go for real test next Tuesday!
God bless me!

miss dear so much
we din meet 39 days edy
waiting for euu
waiting for our1097^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


when I reach school today
I had been tell to help the cameraman in photography
cuz I m AJK in photography
many funny things when I be with them
enjoy with them cuz we are not owez together
I felt surprise cuz he initiative chat wib me
well~hope us can keep it up~
during tiz year
I can know again my fans~
I can chit and chat wib them
I can have fun wib them
I m regret nothing of tiz after graduate
last time saw Yuki's blog
make me suppose to clubbing oso
yearn tat when I clubbing wib my dear

hug and dance sweet moment at there

actually my birthday would celebeated at club
but so regrettable cuz his frenz not free
deardear said will bring me go again if I 乖乖~
haha xD
I juz wanna relax and enjoy~
I juz wanna space of breath!
I m exhaust tiz year!

Monday, June 15, 2009


school today~
took award during assembly
well~ proud of myself~
my exam paper
"flying solour result"
no eyes see!!
sms wib him
owez have tat feel he's such my bro
but..he is juz my bosom fren
tat all~
juz now dear intro sum Thai song to me
reindulge to the Thai band
which I admire since I m primary school
I realise tat again
I m no real frenz accept sum one on my mind
really hard for me if wanna find a real fren
so confused about my frenship
I m a loser
I juz can trust my self
and my dear~
euu are the one in my heart
dunno wat the hell wib me
so hate the bitch!
wanna control myself of tiz!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

End Hols

accompany my mom went for Taiping
stay one nite at there~
go for a drive wib Kimi evening~

saw tiz...
rubbish hang on the pillar

and tiz...
bra on the road~
haha xD
so funny~
rainning heavily yeaterday
cant go for swimming...so disappointed
tea time juz now wib Kimi,Emily and Ching
Miss Yuki aeroplane us~~
break appointment=.=
chit chatting and went for Kimi house~
disappointed cuz dear cant bak
hate his boss!!
keep waiting for euu~
term begins tomolo
wanna face again stress
cheer up!

Monday, June 8, 2009


so buzy today
actual...I gotta practise Chinise poem wib those not tat familiar frenz
but finally cancel edy
so I continue my dream
but tats a nightmare
I dream it I was broke wib my dear
how a crazy dream?!
It will not happen~

I m doing my art project today
erm..really hard to find some material on the newspaper

thn I decided to clean up my bed room
I add up a bed for my son..actually is my bearbear
haha XD
I love my room^^

erm...chat wib Rain last time
dunnoe why we can chat whatever things althoght long time no see
finally...we realise tat we really good frenz? izzit?
haha~ Disgusting...xD
hope eur design will brings to the attention on the fashion show~
good luck~

I m touching about wat he was saying to me
juz lubb euu..my Roxz^^

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memories TriP

I m bak from my trip!
kinda happy in tiz trip~
we went on 1st day Jun at 12 am

I m cool shiver in the bus
suffer on it thn I called my deardear
chit chatting wib him at 3 am
we stop at highway tol at 5 am for beakfast
we all went to the playground...such like a kids
muahaha xD
reach Malaaca
now we followed our tour guide--Miss Lim
to visit and eat many famous foods!

cool man~

handsome boyz
muahaha xD
I climbed on the top!

big gun =.=
Thn we went for the frame hse
which din used any nail to build it
its so famous wad~
the scene in the Istana
the smelly legs of us
I love the double-decker
but no chance to take it
sob sob...
Deng deng!
the Menara Taming Sari


after tat,we went for eat
the famous 雞粒飯
very nice! delicious!
continue our journey~
walked and walked...
we saw many artistic and culture's things on the way
cuz we were in the文化街
the famous shop
once accepted visit on the TV show

delicoius Jandui!!
so sweeeeett~~~

after it
countinue walked and walked
we visted shop by shop
suddenly I saw a shop signbord
tats my deardear name"THONG HOE"
haha xD
I really attracted by tiz pic
the cost is RM 28,800
yeah! went for shipship~

thn went to Carefur
for tea in ZEN
my Tiramisu on the rite
after bought donut
we bak apartment at 6pm
we went for Mahkota Parade actually at 7pm
but we had follow our tour guide--Miss Lim
to eat some famour food!
we followed the map
walked and walked to find the famous shop
so tired and suffer...
but we found it too!
our Miss Lim--tour guide^^
many ppl waiting outside
us too~
yeah!its the round for us!
eat eat eat!
all juz only 70sen!
tiz too!
after filled our stomach
we bak to apartment
actually I promise to drink wine wib frenz
but the boyz said they遇到靈異事件
so not dare to cum down to our room
thn we chit chatting b4 sleep~
next day,went fot Berly's chocolate factory
I love chocolate!
but I buy a lil bit only
On the way to Sunway Pyramid
In Sunway Pyramid
our class Tee~
actually is our two class couple tee^^
shopping time now!
bought a lil bit things for me
and b'day present for my dad and nephew~

I love BarBeQ plaza
nice foods!

at toilet~~
at 5
we continue to Bukit Tinggi--our apartment
all go for swamming
but I cant!!!
cuz period...hate it!!
四大猛男~after bathing
we ate KFC
and we chit chatting on the terrace
so romantic scenary there~
after bak our room
boyz took wine for me
we continue chat and drink
we all sing a b'day song for Kolz
tonite I hv a nice dream
cuz I drink
next day woke up early and make up
went for Genting~
we went for sing k in Be A Star
happy happy^^
after tat we hv a movie
Monter vs Alien
erm..tats a nice movie
but actually I m sleppy when saw it
mayb I m too tired~
when outside
wats going on?
b4 we bak
had a lil bit unhappy case for me
anyway...I m okay after my dear dear console me

on the way bak
suddenly so miss my dear
I cant stop my tears
why I m so stupid huh??
wat I m crying?! mayb I m crazy~
my tissue..fill wib tears
tiz trip is full wib memories
appreciate our frenship