Monday, June 8, 2009


so buzy today
actual...I gotta practise Chinise poem wib those not tat familiar frenz
but finally cancel edy
so I continue my dream
but tats a nightmare
I dream it I was broke wib my dear
how a crazy dream?!
It will not happen~

I m doing my art project today
erm..really hard to find some material on the newspaper

thn I decided to clean up my bed room
I add up a bed for my son..actually is my bearbear
haha XD
I love my room^^ wib Rain last time
dunnoe why we can chat whatever things althoght long time no see
finally...we realise tat we really good frenz? izzit?
haha~ Disgusting...xD
hope eur design will brings to the attention on the fashion show~
good luck~

I m touching about wat he was saying to me
juz lubb Roxz^^

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