Sunday, June 28, 2009


woke up early today
went to Sam Tet for Chinise Poem competition
tiz competition is for Negeri
all of them were vry high standard wad
but I try my best!
I juz won the winning prize
is okay
in expectation
many leng zai in Wushu club
so 有型
but juz can see no touch
haha xD
but sumthing is make us not tat feeling well
Is not good typing at here
is okay I dun care it
since April till now
finally I can rest a while
finish all my project
finish all my competiton
I should prepare my next exam start now
hoped I can do it
gotta go for driving test on Tuesday
God bless me
hope it pass pass pass!
sry my dear
forgive me coz I m too reality
but I still lubb euu
maybe I m juz worried excessively...

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