Tuesday, April 28, 2009

w o r s e

I had cut my hair last Sunday
my fren all so bad
They said I m mature bofore cut da hair

said tat now I m look like a kid
kinda cute

==...say nothing...

I had took part in da Chinese poem compatition
I had entered final
I will hv da final competition in the Chinese week closure

I juz bak from da school for da calligraphy competition
now juz can wait for da result cum out...

some rough words here
click X on da top right corner if u nill to read

so hate da teacher in school
why euu all so irresponsible!
euu all noe tat Thursday I gotta represent school for da drawing compatition
why juz tell me today?!
euu noe I m prepare for nothing?!
I m no time for prepare! no time for practise!
why tat S.M.Yang noe tat early thn me?
why euu all juz told him?!
how about me?!
If euu all look down on me
dun ask me for representation!
I noe he was won honour for euu all!
so what?!

euu all teacher juz look down on people!
damn fuck!

recently I noe tat da teachers owez view our students blog
after tat will bring us for counselling
how 'eight' tat teacher?!
we juz can abreact our feel in blog
this is our personal matter!
euu noe?!私人的東西!
yea..tats public!but 你們看了卻好像用了不同的眼光來看我們!
mayb will like tat!
why euu all teacher so busybody?!
now da school nothing for euu all to do rite?!

really feel tat our school's teacher so abnormal!
I will get freedom after SPM!
I will leave tiz stupid school!
I will leave tiz foolish teacher!( juz a portion)

after taking my SPM result
I will not cum bak here even if euu implore me!!

Fn)K OFF!!

If euu wanna 對號入座
up to you!

Friday, April 24, 2009


my mood haven calm down
now still frightened

so hate tat negro
bully my fren!
juz good for nothing!
fuck u at all!


and euu...
y euu so selfish?!
juz self serving!
I hate u too!
although euu are my best fren!
now i noe the truth!

and euu~
my fren...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so narcissism right?
hehe xD

short hair?
dun misunderstand ya
I m juz tie up my hair
MMS tiz for my dear
cheat him I had cut my long hair
dear kinda clever
noe I m cheatting him=.=...


-today I felt so surprise against tiz
Rainie told me tat...
I had broke wib my dear==
tiz rumour goes round my school
how a horrible news?
is tiz joke a bit thick?

dunnoe whose stupid mouth can spread tiz impossibly news!
use your brain and think!
stupid guy!


my dear
kinda cute right
miss and love him so much
Unbreakable wib my deardear^^

Monday, April 20, 2009


dont know why...I am so enjoying blogging here cuz nobody see what I am writting wad...
kakaz xD
recently so bored in Wretch edy...
and so hate somebody there write some things like act~
juz like wanna hit on web
shit! wanna vomit...=.=...
whatever she like lar~~

feel so stress recently...
like many things haven do
WTH! why Form 5 wanna SPM still have many work to do!
plz la~~plz think about us! so stress u know?! even I am not the first class...hehe xD

wanna cut my hair la
so long edy like a ghost!
kinda ugly...
wanna quikcly cut a pretty fashion hair style~
yeah baby~

ms.ang ang found me tiz morning
WTH! my stomach so pain till now...
told deardear juz now~
he said he so hurt saw me pain like tiz~ a kiss for me^^
hehe...kinda cute lar my dear~

waiting my mom and dad back from Genting...
need them now...
buy something for me~~~

I wanna go clubbing lar~~
so stress so stress!!
life so bored now!
wanna go drink...! dance! smoke!
waiting my dear cum bak from KL
bring me go clubbing relax relax and relax!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my FirSt Tim3

juz finish edit my whole blog
well...so beutiful right?
haha! joke larr~
tiz my first time blogging in blogspot
and first time...using English blogging without using a dictionary
I dun ever use English coz my English quite bad and lousy
anyway...I will try to improve it! hehe~
Recently so admire somebody lar
coz so pretty and pretty and pretty
love them so much
I swear will be like them after graduate
haha xD
so miss my deardear
lolz...2 weeks dun see his piglet face
so miss him...