Monday, April 20, 2009


dont know why...I am so enjoying blogging here cuz nobody see what I am writting wad...
kakaz xD
recently so bored in Wretch edy...
and so hate somebody there write some things like act~
juz like wanna hit on web
shit! wanna vomit...=.=...
whatever she like lar~~

feel so stress recently...
like many things haven do
WTH! why Form 5 wanna SPM still have many work to do!
plz la~~plz think about us! so stress u know?! even I am not the first class...hehe xD

wanna cut my hair la
so long edy like a ghost!
kinda ugly...
wanna quikcly cut a pretty fashion hair style~
yeah baby~

ms.ang ang found me tiz morning
WTH! my stomach so pain till now...
told deardear juz now~
he said he so hurt saw me pain like tiz~ a kiss for me^^
hehe...kinda cute lar my dear~

waiting my mom and dad back from Genting...
need them now...
buy something for me~~~

I wanna go clubbing lar~~
so stress so stress!!
life so bored now!
wanna go drink...! dance! smoke!
waiting my dear cum bak from KL
bring me go clubbing relax relax and relax!!


  1. welcome join to blog spot ya...
    enjoy yourself in new blog~
    and don't wan be a smoker good...=]

  2. i see wad u write wohx