Tuesday, April 28, 2009

w o r s e

I had cut my hair last Sunday
my fren all so bad
They said I m mature bofore cut da hair

said tat now I m look like a kid
kinda cute

==...say nothing...

I had took part in da Chinese poem compatition
I had entered final
I will hv da final competition in the Chinese week closure

I juz bak from da school for da calligraphy competition
now juz can wait for da result cum out...

some rough words here
click X on da top right corner if u nill to read

so hate da teacher in school
why euu all so irresponsible!
euu all noe tat Thursday I gotta represent school for da drawing compatition
why juz tell me today?!
euu noe I m prepare for nothing?!
I m no time for prepare! no time for practise!
why tat S.M.Yang noe tat early thn me?
why euu all juz told him?!
how about me?!
If euu all look down on me
dun ask me for representation!
I noe he was won honour for euu all!
so what?!

euu all teacher juz look down on people!
damn fuck!

recently I noe tat da teachers owez view our students blog
after tat will bring us for counselling
how 'eight' tat teacher?!
we juz can abreact our feel in blog
this is our personal matter!
euu noe?!私人的東西!
yea..tats public!but 你們看了卻好像用了不同的眼光來看我們!
mayb will like tat!
why euu all teacher so busybody?!
now da school nothing for euu all to do rite?!

really feel tat our school's teacher so abnormal!
I will get freedom after SPM!
I will leave tiz stupid school!
I will leave tiz foolish teacher!( juz a portion)

after taking my SPM result
I will not cum bak here even if euu implore me!!

Fn)K OFF!!

If euu wanna 對號入座
up to you!


  1. im the 1st~
    ya loh ~ the teacher nth to do er~
    go n see our blog...
    tis reali cal busybody~