Friday, July 30, 2010

for morrow!

I'm packing something
after attend Hari Aunugerah at alma mater morrow morning
I'll go Genting to attend MY FM 12th Anniversary Concert
and can see Xiao Gui sommore

I'm learning the lyrics now
coz morrow for me to get high wib them!
and I pray for get those tickets...

stay tuned babe!

great time

celebrated our bestie Kimi's birthday earlier
actually is on 31th but she need to busy her thing on the day
so then we plan for today =)

we know tat she love Domo till crazy
so tat we booked the cake for her
cute rite?
teehee =)

I make it
cute izzit?
I love it lar xD

ordinary yet precious birthday

we make some video then
it's damn funny dan crazy man!
will have it and post up soon!
stayed tuned!

my lovely darly make me feel warm today
he knows I period yesterday
then he buy a set of Airiz sanitary pad

this brand is not bad he said
and explained to me patiently bout how to use it
he is so considerate

actually my friend had intro to me when I was in NS
it's really nice and comfortable I think
yea...u guys can order from me if want
but just for who stay nearby me =)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


what the heck to my right eye tiz two days
it swollen and becum single fold and freaking pain!
so my eyes is one big, one small
hou yok xun lor...!
so then I quickly called my dad and brought me to clinic
luckily it edy swelling after took the medicines
but still got a lil bit pain =(

I'm freaking enjoy my life now
travel and dating wib darly and bestie
it's so wonderful...but it won't be longer
I'll start my college life soon
but I haven settle all so I won't tell u guys too much
still, I got a lil bit worry bout my class...
if I'm the only gal in then?
if I'm the only do?
hmmm...I seems like worry too much
juz relax =)

now I'm bother bout how to do tiz Saturday
need to bak alma mater on Hari Aunugerah
but I really hope to go Genting for MY FM concert lar
hope my plan will be smooth
pray for me...

hang out wib darly tiz few days
our love increases right now
yesterday was crying alone bout something but cant let others noe
becoz it's seems like damn stupid man
yet, tats tears of happiness bout darly and I
my heart is full of my darly hub


Monday, July 26, 2010

Long time din't play this game

♥ 规则:

♥ 一, 被点者请在自己的网志上打上答案

♥ 二, 请传给另外十个人

♥ 三, 传阅人请在十位被点的人的留言板上通知他, 他被点咯!

♥ 四, 这当中的十位不得拒绝

♥ 五, 被点者请注明被谁点了在哪里接到再传给下十位

♥ 六, 这些被点名者, 你们被点会祝福

♥ 七, 不可回点哦, 并且愿望会实现和得到幸福

♥ 坐上幸福热气球,开始咯 ♥


1. 绰号:eVia舜舜

2. 星座:雙魚座

3. 生日:20/3

4. 兴趣:shopping, eat, sleep, online...

5. 血型:不懂 ?.?

6. 最宝贵的东西: 錢


1. 有喜欢的人吗: 有❤

2. 有交往吗:有❤

3. 幸福吗:幸福爆燈❤

4. 他很爱你吗:愛到發噻狂❤

5. 如果你有勇气最想做什么:結婚~~❤


1. 你被谁点:Kimi

2. 他是你的谁:好姐妹

3. 他的个性是:傻傻的...講話+動作有些緩慢 (我注意很久了~哈)

4. 他长得怎样:蠻不錯, 越大越靚...(kimi 請不要開心到飛天 xD)

5. 跟他认识多久:有10年了吧?

6. 你想跟他说什么:祝你和面面幸福

7. 如果他变成你的情人:應該不錯吧? 試試新口味~咔咔


1. 最爱的音乐:不錯聽的都愛

2. 最爱的季节:冬❤

3. 最爱的卡通:史迪奇
(因為老婆, 所以有點愛上了)

4. 最爱的颜色:粉紅
, 紫, 黑+白

5. 最想去的国家:日本, 台灣, 羅馬, 埃及❤

6. 最爱的水果:西瓜❤。

7. 最爱的人:駱垌豪❤。


1. 你很爱哭吗:超爱(囧)

2. 你很爱笑吗:也很爱

3. 你是很有信心的人吗:是吧...呵呵

4. 你想要怎样的生活:无忧无虑, 快快樂樂❤。

5. 你喜欢自己吗:80%

6. 你喜欢睡觉吗:喜歡

7. 你喜欢唱歌吗:超喜欢








❤ Monoct

❤ Belle

❤ Rou Tze

❤ Tracy

❤ Ching

如果你有三个愿望 , Tell me your wish :

1- 希望能和心❤的寶貝駱垌豪幸福久久

2- 希望能開開心心過每一天

3- 心想事成 =)

outin wib beloved

lurve my babe roxz

yesterday hang out to Ipoh wib darly and his friends too

the story damn nice man!
tats all bout magic!
I like the Dragon ring
whuahaha xD
really hope can get it
but...tats impossible xD

we've our dinner in Restaurant Tan Sei Gai (translate to cantonese lar) after movie

thanks my beloved him
becoz he gimme a nice dating day

but can you don't leave me alone without saying anything?
I'll be afraid...
yea...I pretended not to noe sumthing coz I wanna see how much you care bout me

heart you ♥

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Lot of ★

let's talk bout my Alor Star trip
kay...see it!

Alor Star Tower!

Jun's sweet home

paddy field and crystal hill right there

buying crystal...
the cutie boss quiet nice
all the crystal selling dere dam cheap
coz the place dere produce crystal

freaking nice shoot wib Jun =)

hang out yam cha wib bro Aien and Jun all the nite
sometimes be wib Billy and Yan Seng too
yam cha, Sing K, having alcohol and cigarette with them
and I meet Han Sin too =)
meet and noe his new frens also...they dam nice

lil cookie funny sleeping position

duno wat's tat jor...
u'll see it if u in A.S

outside the Museum

we're inside the Museum
the pinky ''wan tan'' were doing there note dere
I think they gotta do their homework after visit

''zju kar choi'' from Jun's mom
will cook for us and her family when dinner
Thanks lot =)

I love the paddy field sooooo much!
wonderful =)

tiz food...but I duno wat it's call...
damn popular in A.S
try it if have chance =)

like gangster xD

nice izzit?
I means the Masjid
last time tiz place was grave...

yea...I'm high-lighting by Yan Seng (Jun's cousin)
and he helped me cut hair too
he is a hair stylish
so tats F.O.C (Free Of Charge)
and also coz of tiz..he said cin cai make it lor!
and the guy who wear glasses is Jun's brother, Billy

hmm...tat's a nice trip for me
and I love to hang out for visit somewhere

before going bak home
we guys hang to Penang for shopping and visited college
hmm...but I bought nothing =(

I got 6 happy days in A.S

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

some guys

hello guys!
I'm back from Alor Star
tat's a nice trip with Bro Aien and his gal friend Junnie
haven get photos from bro
so...wait it and I'll post up soon =)

I'm tired of the relationship wib her recently
when I juz bak from A.S then we start to argue
what the heck wib us man!
hope it'll be better soon

for some reader...
you said tat I'm stupid or naive rite?
but how clever and mature you're?
don't be mischief-maker kay?
and don't judge me without knowing and understand bout me
watever wat's your goal
pls stop telling me those bad things of my boyfren
or judge him or bout us
this is non of your business

if you're not happy to see me
click 'X' on top right hand-side of ur com

thanks for your cooperate

Thursday, July 15, 2010

just for update

hey hey~
I wanna go Alor Star later...
see you guys soon
♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some stories

Ali is thus smart and adorable that he could learn the most of things. However, not everthing as the god is the most fairest.

It was said there is a circulation of love in this world, the only thing can be seen is the beginning but no ending. Someone wants to make a start whereas someone wants to finish. It is all like that.

it's dam meaningful
just enjoy it...

copy by Seraph Ng's album