Friday, July 23, 2010

A Lot of ★

let's talk bout my Alor Star trip
kay...see it!

Alor Star Tower!

Jun's sweet home

paddy field and crystal hill right there

buying crystal...
the cutie boss quiet nice
all the crystal selling dere dam cheap
coz the place dere produce crystal

freaking nice shoot wib Jun =)

hang out yam cha wib bro Aien and Jun all the nite
sometimes be wib Billy and Yan Seng too
yam cha, Sing K, having alcohol and cigarette with them
and I meet Han Sin too =)
meet and noe his new frens also...they dam nice

lil cookie funny sleeping position

duno wat's tat jor...
u'll see it if u in A.S

outside the Museum

we're inside the Museum
the pinky ''wan tan'' were doing there note dere
I think they gotta do their homework after visit

''zju kar choi'' from Jun's mom
will cook for us and her family when dinner
Thanks lot =)

I love the paddy field sooooo much!
wonderful =)

tiz food...but I duno wat it's call...
damn popular in A.S
try it if have chance =)

like gangster xD

nice izzit?
I means the Masjid
last time tiz place was grave...

yea...I'm high-lighting by Yan Seng (Jun's cousin)
and he helped me cut hair too
he is a hair stylish
so tats F.O.C (Free Of Charge)
and also coz of tiz..he said cin cai make it lor!
and the guy who wear glasses is Jun's brother, Billy

hmm...tat's a nice trip for me
and I love to hang out for visit somewhere

before going bak home
we guys hang to Penang for shopping and visited college
hmm...but I bought nothing =(

I got 6 happy days in A.S

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