Wednesday, July 28, 2010


what the heck to my right eye tiz two days
it swollen and becum single fold and freaking pain!
so my eyes is one big, one small
hou yok xun lor...!
so then I quickly called my dad and brought me to clinic
luckily it edy swelling after took the medicines
but still got a lil bit pain =(

I'm freaking enjoy my life now
travel and dating wib darly and bestie
it's so wonderful...but it won't be longer
I'll start my college life soon
but I haven settle all so I won't tell u guys too much
still, I got a lil bit worry bout my class...
if I'm the only gal in then?
if I'm the only do?
hmmm...I seems like worry too much
juz relax =)

now I'm bother bout how to do tiz Saturday
need to bak alma mater on Hari Aunugerah
but I really hope to go Genting for MY FM concert lar
hope my plan will be smooth
pray for me...

hang out wib darly tiz few days
our love increases right now
yesterday was crying alone bout something but cant let others noe
becoz it's seems like damn stupid man
yet, tats tears of happiness bout darly and I
my heart is full of my darly hub


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