Thursday, July 1, 2010

papa's buffday

first of all...
Happy Birthday to my lovely dad

having dinner wib my family at Poh Long

sweet couple rite?
muahaha xD

grandpa and grandson
damn cute weyh =)

I duno wat pose lar
juz snap xo

I'm damn full...
eat too much...
I forgot my Anty Red came and visited me
I drink lot of ice weyh...
so now Im suffering...
pdn muke...=(

ohh yea...
I'll drop Form 6
my last day will till tiz week
I make my decision to Penang
I dunno it's a right way onot
but I'll try my best =)
It's time to be independent
it's time to be brave
but I'm so kia si =(

thanks all my supporter who give me some advice!

next post...

stay tuned

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