Monday, July 5, 2010

Alvin's birthday

hey guys!
I'm bak from KL weyh...
went to KL on 3/7
coz we've to celebrate Alvin's birthday
of coz Charles is our driver
fetched his wife, me and darly

went to Aeon Jusco and meet Albee to take my NS photos
have a walk and lunch at Klang too =)
after tat bak to Alvin's house and put our luggages

after our dinner
clubbing time at...


I'm no longer under age to enter the club man!

I met a gal, she's Pinky
she brought me and Sathrine to the dance floor
no idea...juz dance wib them lar
dam enjoy =)

dere got a guy said hi to me when I'm dancing on the dance floor
but I juz ignore him
thn when I'm on the way to toilet
dere had a guy touched my hair behind me
when I turned bak, he said to me" you're so cute!"
I juz gv him a cool smile and went away
I'm like so lanci xP
actually I'm so scared bout them lor

I'm tired then
bak to upstair and find darly
we had fun and enjoyed

we dance, alcohol, cigarettes together

Alvin was enjoying himself
Happy Birthday to him =)

after supper
almost 4++ we juz bak Alvin's house

darly and I
tat's Alvin's bathroom, his room juz like a hotel man!
dam nice!

after we bath, almost 5++ I think
all of them were slept, I and darly were the last =(
hug darly and slept
hou song arr
muahaha xD

the next day we woke up at 12++
straight to have our lunch at Serdang

dam delicious man!

went to car show at Stadium Bukit Jalil after lunch

tats the 1st time I saw 漂移
walau...fucking yeng ar!

those some car show dere
vry nice =)

after tat we went for a tea at Asia Cafe

playing shotting wib darly =)

before going bak home
we've our dinner
eat 雞腳
but I din eat tat at all...juz noodles =)

have a nice trip wib darly =)
I you

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