Wednesday, July 21, 2010

some guys

hello guys!
I'm back from Alor Star
tat's a nice trip with Bro Aien and his gal friend Junnie
haven get photos from bro
so...wait it and I'll post up soon =)

I'm tired of the relationship wib her recently
when I juz bak from A.S then we start to argue
what the heck wib us man!
hope it'll be better soon

for some reader...
you said tat I'm stupid or naive rite?
but how clever and mature you're?
don't be mischief-maker kay?
and don't judge me without knowing and understand bout me
watever wat's your goal
pls stop telling me those bad things of my boyfren
or judge him or bout us
this is non of your business

if you're not happy to see me
click 'X' on top right hand-side of ur com

thanks for your cooperate

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