Friday, July 30, 2010

great time

celebrated our bestie Kimi's birthday earlier
actually is on 31th but she need to busy her thing on the day
so then we plan for today =)

we know tat she love Domo till crazy
so tat we booked the cake for her
cute rite?
teehee =)

I make it
cute izzit?
I love it lar xD

ordinary yet precious birthday

we make some video then
it's damn funny dan crazy man!
will have it and post up soon!
stayed tuned!

my lovely darly make me feel warm today
he knows I period yesterday
then he buy a set of Airiz sanitary pad

this brand is not bad he said
and explained to me patiently bout how to use it
he is so considerate

actually my friend had intro to me when I was in NS
it's really nice and comfortable I think
yea...u guys can order from me if want
but just for who stay nearby me =)

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