Thursday, July 8, 2010

hang out

went to KL again yesterday
my bro sudden woke me up and took me dere
for finding college larr
we went Taylor and Inti at Subang

erm...still thinking wat course I gonna take...
bother bout it
actually I wanna take Mass Com edy
but my bro told me lot of tat
and said its not suitable for me >.<
so...keep thinking...

many of them keep asking me
"wat u think ar?"
"wat course u wanna take?"
"wat college u enter soon?"
pls dun keep asking me lar weyh!

we went Sunway then
bought a FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 tee
my bro said "hey! remember wear it and hang to mamak!"
haha xD

after tat we fetched Chee Hong
I was like long time dun see him...
dam miss him man!
we hang to Low Yat then
helped him to choose laptop
and keep chatting wib him =)

had our dinner at Sungei Wang


good taste!

Hong Hong and me =)

hope I can settle my problem as fast as I can

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