Sunday, August 28, 2011

Woof Club-Cameron Highland

Hey peeps! Im having my holiday right now! But still gonna rush my assignment...sob sob...Gonna go through about my Cameron trip with Woof Club again!

Actually I was planning to Cameron only with my darly to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Guess what? my bro suddenly planning so. Finally, we go together then with Woof Club!

That's a ranning day when we went up the hill. Is okay, we're save (: We have about 13 peoples with 5 cars! woohoo!

Going my house to put those luggage and then go for Pasar Malam buy buy buy!

Having steamboat in my house. It's GREAT!!!
Really having lot of fun with'em.
We finish bout 12 sumthing. Wathing ghost drama and chat bout some real ghost story together then. Is okay. I still can tahan this kind of ghost story.
Going to mamak at 2 sumthing midnight. wtf with'em, very spiritual! Chit-chatting non stop bout ghost story and something horrible things! Make me feel uncomfortable~! This time I really beh tahan! Almost like 5 sumthing morning, we just going back to sleep! super spiritual man.

Wake up early in the morning. I think is bout 10 am. Moon's the chicken rington wake me up! It's really annoying me! haha!
Tea farm after going pasar pagi (:
Breakfast here.
Strawberry farm.
Happy 5th Anniversary!!
It's a great great trip! I love it

p/s: Get my new smart phone today! woohoo! It's Samsung Galaxy SL. L♥VE! Thanks mum.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gathering with Besties ♥

Gathering with my besties last week! It's really damn a long time we din't have a gathering. We having Domino Pizza and nuggets for snacks. Thanks Lily for these
Looks like malay >_<
They all laught at me that Im getting fat! wtf! We shared some tips for reduce weight too! bahaha!
But we still eat alot!
They're so lovely.
大家都各分东西了 大家都要为自己的前途而打拼噜 加油吧姐妹们!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Party Rock

上個星期跟著阿Moon他們回怡保去 目的是要回去教畫畫囖 順便也可以回去幾天陪我的肥肥
星期六那天真的有夠無聊 所以趁肥肥工作去 叫他載我到Parade走走 順便去找阿Moon他們聊天 以免呆在家裡發黴去
我坐在Parade商店里和朋友聊天 看到好多中華的Juniors 看到一位朋友 他還問我“你在這裡做工啊?”呵呵

七夕情人節的晚上呢 就和朋友到Barrom去 那天也蠻夠力的說 KL的, 怡保的, 金寶的都聚集在一桌 好多人><
Flaming Lamborghini
我覺得 好 難 喝
不知那一隻木嘴竟然把這杯東西倒在我身上 我的下半身都是這個味道 甜甜 黏黏 香香
M zai & Moon

散場后吶 我們就去吃碌碌 然後去Macdonald宵夜 回到家真的有夠累的說 睡下去就已經是5點鐘了
早上9點就起床 約好了去富山吃東西
這個星期六 姐妹聚 早聚早散 因為是農曆七月十四 怕怕嚕...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woof Club-Hot Spring

hey hey! I would like to blog bout my tour again. Well, this time I was being a guide for my friends! They‘re from Ipoh and came Bidor for a walk last week. I brought them to walk around and bought somethin local products. And my bro was being a driver for us.

Eating 鴨腿面
Going to Sungai Klar (Hot Spring) then.
Me, May, Moon, Mimi
seems like so hungry.
spot us?
This is damn funny. We're acting swimming. bahaha!
This is fun! But I drink lot of water man!
Leave.... ...
and go for spa.
okay...let me intro this guy who wearing white shirt. He's from Korea, an-yong-ha-se-yo~
He's so friendly!

We stay there almost four hours and we going back Bidor for dinner then.

I followed them to Ipoh that day. Clubbing nitez will be post up soon!