Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woof Club-Hot Spring

hey hey! I would like to blog bout my tour again. Well, this time I was being a guide for my friends! They‘re from Ipoh and came Bidor for a walk last week. I brought them to walk around and bought somethin local products. And my bro was being a driver for us.

Eating 鴨腿面
Going to Sungai Klar (Hot Spring) then.
Me, May, Moon, Mimi
seems like so hungry.
spot us?
This is damn funny. We're acting swimming. bahaha!
This is fun! But I drink lot of water man!
Leave.... ...
and go for spa.
okay...let me intro this guy who wearing white shirt. He's from Korea, an-yong-ha-se-yo~
He's so friendly!

We stay there almost four hours and we going back Bidor for dinner then.

I followed them to Ipoh that day. Clubbing nitez will be post up soon!

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