Sunday, August 28, 2011

Woof Club-Cameron Highland

Hey peeps! Im having my holiday right now! But still gonna rush my assignment...sob sob...Gonna go through about my Cameron trip with Woof Club again!

Actually I was planning to Cameron only with my darly to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Guess what? my bro suddenly planning so. Finally, we go together then with Woof Club!

That's a ranning day when we went up the hill. Is okay, we're save (: We have about 13 peoples with 5 cars! woohoo!

Going my house to put those luggage and then go for Pasar Malam buy buy buy!

Having steamboat in my house. It's GREAT!!!
Really having lot of fun with'em.
We finish bout 12 sumthing. Wathing ghost drama and chat bout some real ghost story together then. Is okay. I still can tahan this kind of ghost story.
Going to mamak at 2 sumthing midnight. wtf with'em, very spiritual! Chit-chatting non stop bout ghost story and something horrible things! Make me feel uncomfortable~! This time I really beh tahan! Almost like 5 sumthing morning, we just going back to sleep! super spiritual man.

Wake up early in the morning. I think is bout 10 am. Moon's the chicken rington wake me up! It's really annoying me! haha!
Tea farm after going pasar pagi (:
Breakfast here.
Strawberry farm.
Happy 5th Anniversary!!
It's a great great trip! I love it

p/s: Get my new smart phone today! woohoo! It's Samsung Galaxy SL. L♥VE! Thanks mum.

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