Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's holiday!

Imma is having holiday right now! but...I think this will be berry bored, maybe. Come on, date
me, any one? bahaha XD

Took a few pica before leaving him. I'll miss him, is always my boy. He's always cute fer me, ILHim.
Assessment on this Monday. I felt relax after my assessment cuz I ended up this sem and have my holiday! phewww...
Im serious when presenting.
course mates.
Celebrated Issac's birthday at Boston after tat.
Cool right? LMAO...!

Pangkor trip is comming soon! Look forward to it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a month

Finally I have been completed all my assignments! I'm rushing and I din't have much time to blog! I really felt exhausted but it's okay~ I enjoying doing such things! I'll have my assessment next Monday and enjoying my holidays then. I really look forward to it!
Having lot of fun during this month eventho im a buzy bee.

Having photoshooting with friends and family.
I haven get the photos which is with my mom and nephew one ><

Having gathering with college's friends after photoshooting with them.
Station 1 was bad.

Clubbing at Barrom with friends. But I just have this photo with Mimi.
My eyes was red and swallowed. Cuz I cried before going out. Having sad mood that time ><

Always happy and funny time with my boy. Of cuz we're sweet. Planning to have a trip for 5 anniversaries of us. I heart you boy
Im in a happy mood this few weeks and I having a great life!
Hope ya'll too!
Oh ya, will having a photoshooting trip soon!
Stay tuned!