Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a month

Finally I have been completed all my assignments! I'm rushing and I din't have much time to blog! I really felt exhausted but it's okay~ I enjoying doing such things! I'll have my assessment next Monday and enjoying my holidays then. I really look forward to it!
Having lot of fun during this month eventho im a buzy bee.

Having photoshooting with friends and family.
I haven get the photos which is with my mom and nephew one ><

Having gathering with college's friends after photoshooting with them.
Station 1 was bad.

Clubbing at Barrom with friends. But I just have this photo with Mimi.
My eyes was red and swallowed. Cuz I cried before going out. Having sad mood that time ><

Always happy and funny time with my boy. Of cuz we're sweet. Planning to have a trip for 5 anniversaries of us. I heart you boy
Im in a happy mood this few weeks and I having a great life!
Hope ya'll too!
Oh ya, will having a photoshooting trip soon!
Stay tuned!

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