Tuesday, June 16, 2009


when I reach school today
I had been tell to help the cameraman in photography
cuz I m AJK in photography
many funny things when I be with them
enjoy with them cuz we are not owez together
I felt surprise cuz he initiative chat wib me
well~hope us can keep it up~
during tiz year
I can know again my fans~
I can chit and chat wib them
I can have fun wib them
I m regret nothing of tiz after graduate
last time saw Yuki's blog
make me suppose to clubbing oso
yearn tat when I clubbing wib my dear

hug and dance sweet moment at there

actually my birthday would celebeated at club
but so regrettable cuz his frenz not free
deardear said will bring me go again if I 乖乖~
haha xD
I juz wanna relax and enjoy~
I juz wanna space of breath!
I m exhaust tiz year!

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