Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I din go for school today
went for driving test
my frenz and I pass edy
I can drive car car after I get my P license ^^
finally I get the photo from frenz
almost 1 year edy
the camera man cant find our e-mail add
finally he found my frenz after 1 year

tiz photos took last year
we went to hot spring
dD said its so valueable
haha xD
dad's buffday today
gorr bak from Ipoh
celebrated juz now wib whole family
all photo in gorr's camera
take from him later
dunno dad lubb my present or not
he has not open it yet
love the moment gathering wib family
gorr said
I had though a while
maybe he's makes sence
I love my family so much
Habii Buffday to baba^^

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