Monday, June 15, 2009


school today~
took award during assembly
well~ proud of myself~
my exam paper
"flying solour result"
no eyes see!!
sms wib him
owez have tat feel he's such my bro
but..he is juz my bosom fren
tat all~
juz now dear intro sum Thai song to me
reindulge to the Thai band
which I admire since I m primary school
I realise tat again
I m no real frenz accept sum one on my mind
really hard for me if wanna find a real fren
so confused about my frenship
I m a loser
I juz can trust my self
and my dear~
euu are the one in my heart
dunno wat the hell wib me
so hate the bitch!
wanna control myself of tiz!!

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