Saturday, August 15, 2009

Date of Days

today had date wib sista
routine was secret
teehee xD

then we watched movie and Kolz helped me to handle my laptop
Kimi gave me a pair of Fresh Con today
it really magnify my eyes but juz maybe for half inch
hehe xD
she also gave us mask for free
all were free!
thx ya~

today i cut my hair
but juz lil bit in front

so hate euu today
plese remember wat I am telling juz now
I am a vry sensitive person
but all the time I juz forgot it
dun try to get on my nervous

I am enjoying today and yesterday

yesterday gossip wib dear and his 5 Mawar classmate
I love tat feel wib him yesterday nite but not today
yesterday bak at 12++
long time din bak so late(actually its early lor)
I love nite life!

start to study recently
but juz a lil bit la
gotta be more hard studing
juz leave 3 month I will be getting free
even there are many bother things will cum forward to me after graduate

gotta sleep...
good nite
juz to my fat deardear
still love euu lar~
dun think too much~

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