Friday, July 31, 2009


dont ever touch my laptop at all tiz few days
cuz the exam at school
Im study hard tiz few day
enjoy the exam moment
had many funny things during exam
luv euu all guys!
but those are secret

today Kimi's buffday
Habii Birthday ya~
juz went to KFC for lunch and celebrated
juz chit chatting

long time din chat together
since last year? birthday party
anyway...juz enjoy it

juz bak from gaigai wib my Mr.fat deardear
euu are cute~
I luv euu vry much!

bother about the Genting trip on 30 August lorr
haiz...1/9 trial make me dunno gotta go Genting or not
I still wish I can go
wanna wib fat deardear
like last year we countdown there together wib Charles and Satrine
can I bring along my books and study there while I waiting for countdown?
muahaha xD
I say real one~
tomolo will go Kampar celebrate wib Kimi
can wib fat deardear and frenz along
waiting for 080809!
tomolo will be August
waiting for 1097~

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