Tuesday, July 21, 2009


today BM exam
still okay
but dunno the result yet
bcuz I owez feel I can done the paper well
but my result was bad
after school gotta called my dad to fetch me
but he was buzy
thn I called my sis in law
but...nobody ans my call
after tat Lulu said fetch me^^
then I was so suprise
cuz my deardear waiting me outside there
Ah Kit oso together wib my deardear
I ask him why he will waiting me here
he said
因为我细心 知你某人载 嘻嘻
we went to had our lunch
tat Ah Kit so funny xD
at nite
celebrated buffday wib Kaka
drive myself
gotta fetch sista there

habii buffday
after tat went Kimi hse
order lens from her sis
1 pair RM20
I edy order 2 pairs
Geo magic grey and brown
I love grey colur!
yeah babe~
waiting for it
feel not comfortable in whole day...

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