Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Holiday!

Thanks my baby boy. I love this shoot~

I already finished my exam last day! So that means I already finished my first semester, FYI.
Time flies...we guys said it's like so fast for this sem. okay...let's talk about my exam...
Mr.Chai, who is my lecturer already told us about our marks, I am glad that I get the highest mark on his subject! hohoho...! But for others subjects, Idk yet. And I got abit excited that Miss Chew didn't shoot me when am having presentation., luckily =) hmm, maybe I am still a lil junior so she didn't shoot me? and maybe this is my first time? perhaps! Anyways, now I am relaxing and enjoying my holidays! hohoho...!
And yea, I am waiting for some photos that took by presentation day and we're having fun at Restaurant Yao Yat Seng, all of that in my friends's DSLR, I really cant waiting for it, I want those photos!'s not good for me that I am back my hometown, and I got no place to sleep! I just can say nothing and...I am sleeping at living room NOW! who wanna take me...just for 2 weeks, please...T.T

Last week, I got a message which asked me for magazine visited. I got a bit surprised and I agreed to her request, but I haven reply her e-mail about some questions.
I'm looking forward for the magazine...

Lastly, for my babe boy, thank you for the handbag that you gave me as a X'mas present, thank you for all you've done for me.
Dear my hubby Roxz, ILY

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