Friday, December 17, 2010


hey dude! I'm feeling happy right now b'coz I own back my room! I can sleep at my room today! I miss my room which I didn't stay there for 1 month! hohoho...Congratz! XD

Just now followed my babe boy to his relatives' house for dinner, his mum went along too! There have been lot of funny things bout his dad, make me can't stop laughing man! Okay...let's talk bout it. When we're waiting for my hubby's dad coming to his relatives' home, we guys knew his dad got a bit drunk already b'cox he just finished another dinner there. His dad reached then. When he came, he said HELLO to some aunty there, then he sit down. After a while, he ask his wife " who is that aunty?" Oh my goodness...! He just said hello to that aunty 1 minutes ago, then he was like dun recognize her, I really can't stop laughing bout this! hahaha!
Okay...let's go through. My hubby was sitting beside me, and his body size quiet big you know? Idk why his dad can ask his wife" Where is Ah Hoe?" I thought I heard wrongly at the beginning...b'cox my fat hubby just sitting beside me and infront him! Then he kept asking. I laughed again! haha! Okay, we guys know he was drunk...XD

Almost finish bout the magazine visited, just wanna send some photos to them then gao dim! Hmm, I think I'll having a bored holiday plans, no friends here...It's really like a dead town here! Christmas is coming soon. Don't really know what the fucking plan I've. Helpless...

And...any nice place for photo shooting? Any suggestion? Thank You =)

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