Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Peace

Belated Merry Christmas! I've a silent and peace X'mas this year and honestly, it's quiet bored.
Okie, let's straight to my X'mas Eve!

I went to Kuala-la-la Lumpur with Satrine by bus in the morning. I really hate sitting on the bus and I worried bout the bus after I saw too many bout the accidents. Okie, it's useless if I worried too much. So, just relax babe and I reach there safely. Thanks God.

After that my hubby boy and Charles came and fetched me at Shah Alam. Idk why my heart was beating fast when I saw him, I'm like first time to meet him and fall in love to him, what the hell of me, haha!

We went Wai Chun's house at Kepong then. resting there and watching a movie. After bath and make up, hang to Port Dickson!
We had dinner there, but it's not so good I think.
Port Dickson here!
We having some snacks and chatting there. Of course we shotting there!
I'm like so weird here!
actually I'm talking...then...CHACK! shoot this! ==
I'm fat...oh my god!

Here is what my hubby boy gave me as a X'mas present...
Elianto premium nail colour set and a bag that bought from the website.
I love its! Thank you hubby, ILY

Of course, I made a X'mas card for him, and a chocolate plus a cutie little dear which you press it will said "I LOVE YOU".
I've a silent and peace X'mas Eve that is different as last few years.
Yet, I am so regret b'cox there had been some unhappy things. Anyways, I love my X'mas Eve that I together with my boy.

Dear my babe Roxz, I'll change, b'coz I You.

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