Monday, August 16, 2010

My coll

FYI, am a design student from PIA coll right now babe. I've a nice day wib my new classmates and seniors today. My class just has 13 students., how less dere're. so, 9 of them study ID and 4 of us are GD. hmm...I've meet 2 new friends dere. but we're not so familiar yet. BUT, both of them are ID students >.< okay...Sem 1, we still together, but will separate in Sem 2 lor... maybe they'll change to GD? or me to ID? still duno yet. Let's fight for Sem 1 1st =)

today was just orientation. some of the lecturer of the coll will came to our class and talked sumthin. yea, dere was a lecturer name Mr.Lim, look like just 25++ I think, he really impressed me! He was so cute and humorous! But, he got abit lustful (ham sap) I think. haha.

had a game today wib my classmates and seniors. Of coz wib Mr.Lim too! (but I hate the game becoz it's abit childish. No idea, coz ice-breaking ma.)

after finished my class, I waited my bro fetched me home. But do you guys know, I edy wait for 50 minutes for him. how patient am I right? hohoho...I had bought some material for my Sem 1 then.

ohh yea...I meet my schoolmate dere! am so surprise when I saw him! We had chat and said hello =) he's GD student also, but we not same class plus he's my senior jor! schedule here. am so excited for morrow man!
and, I hope I can make more friends dere

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