Sunday, August 15, 2010

for today

I almost finish packing my things for moving to Ipoh morrow. FYI, I'll start my college life on next Monday. Idk why I feel so excited tonite and almost crazy I think. yet, still got abit emo >.<

wake up early today for packing and take photo for register in my coll. I was like slow motion when I packing my things. coz it's many and I got no idea have to start packing from what! is okay guys, I almost finish finally as I was told euu at the begining =)

date wib my beloved boy juz now. He help me to farmat my laptop agn and it's FOC. thanks my boy coz eventho he feel tired but still done for me. thanks babe, mua ♥

bro Aien call me then. so I have a supper wib Aien, Jun and of coz my boy.

Idk WTH wib my Facebook now! I cant see my post and new comment even I refresh a thousand times! I'm so dulan wib it jor! arghhhhh......!

just now had a talk wib him. I think we're almost crazy today. or...we're always crazy huh? haha!!! oh yea...I've to say thanks to you coz you wake me up agn for today. If not, I think i can sleep till 2 or 3 o'clock agn and I duno when I can finish packing my things! so...thanks =) and I like you give me some bonus XD

nah...I really din write you lorr...! WO ZHEN DE BU YAO XIE NI! WO ZHEN DE MEI YOU XIE NI LOR! XD

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