Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Date

hey peeps! am having a good mood today!
FYI, I meet Seng and Billy today. They're from Alor Star to here for finding me =)
(and yea... I feel sorry coz am poor to guide you the way to my home. But luckily you guys can find my home finally =P)

my hometown just a small place and no place to go. Thus, we just stay at KFC and chatting dere.
I was like OMG when Seng make the straw like rool! you're so amazing man! I wanna try it next time...haha! =P

both of them so funny and we guys enjoy it =)
I bring them to visit my hometown and intro some place to them.
It so weird. Idk, tat my feeling lar. bcoz nobody will come especially to visit me before. some more want me bring them to eat and intro my hometown to them. haha! But am quiet happy becoz they come especialy and look for me.

but it's a great pity bcoz I din't touch Seng's chest hair!

Seng, I haven receive the anti-rape device tat you send to me. Even post laju also useless! It edy over 1 week, but I cant get it yet!

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