Sunday, September 6, 2009


how cum the line becum so slow
chat happily wib frenz then disconnection
I'm so angry wib tiz!
wat the hell!!

sorry to those who are chat wib me in msn
thx for understanding me

deardear so buzy of his work tiz few days
buzy for his new shop,"DOTZ COM"
and also buzy for helping his dad
so angry when he din reply my call and msg
damn hate

finished five subject in trial
I cant do it well actually
cuz I dun believe of the tips!
I'm so stupid!

following tiz
it will be add math,biologi,physic,chemistry
no idea of all of tiz subject
I hate all sains and math!
juz concentrate on my bc and art
hope I can do well on tiz

waiting for 18th family Genting trip
dunno whether can bring along Kimi and Emily or not

oh yea
yesterday saw the movie One Miss Call
I think it was not tat horrible
I felt so touch at the end
the dumb boy willing to sacrifice himself to save his beloved
her name called Emily
teehee xD

gotta do some exercise now
think whether wanna find deardear or not later at new shop

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