Saturday, September 19, 2009


today juz bak from Genting
a nice and habii journey wib Kimi and family there
Kimi and I went to outdoor
played many excited playthings
screamed and screamed to let off all the tension

at nite we had a movie “嚇到笑”
really funny but it threaten me 2 times
Kimi protect by her bf...Wayne
but no one protect me lor
wuwu...pitiful evia

meet Alan Lulu~
both of kimi and wayne went for pak tuo zai
he acompanied me at nite in starbuck yesterday
we gossip and on9 there
after tat we walked around

I had bought 1 butterfly bling bling clib
and also the lil cap clip
so cute~I luv it

today had a seriously jam even in highway
becoz of the Hari Raya tomolo
mom persuade me go interview at Genting
erm...let me think over
1st..I dun wan to see those who I hate in Genting
2nd..I'm not willing to leave my dearly
but the important is I'm poor if I dun work
I need money!!!
let me get some comment from my bestie 1st

juz now deardear brought me saw his lil puppy
birth around two weeks only
we called it 叮叮
it is big as my both hands
after the poodle mum finish breasting her lil doggie
dear will bring him home
it is a male poodle

now look forward to the BBQ party
together wib bestie mate and their lovely bf
and also my fatty dearly~

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