Monday, September 21, 2009


juz bak from my fatty deary house
we had a dinner juz now after canceled my date wib bestie
after tat went dear's house
not so happy on tiz date
plese be gentle and soft to me next time
I forgive euu tiz time

21th today
37 months wib fatty deary
still luv euu
opss! forgot many kisses and huggies before went home time...bluek~

haven start my art revision
damn lazy damn bored
gonna start it tomolo
must do it!!

tomolo 動力火車will had their show in Voodoo pub
damn!!I cant go and support them!
told dear before...but he din gave any respon to me
so I'm not dare to ask more bout it
haiz...there must be a super high concert there
Voodoo...I miss euu
maybe many guys will say me sohai
but sure I luv and interested
cuz I'm young!
muahaha xD
dun say clubbing until sienz jor
I sure euu guys will not said like tiz if all bestie invite euu

damn need money now
need shopping
need pay for the lens
need pay for online buying cloths
dunno how to write lar...teehee
such as a 敗家女
yes I am!

sleepy now...
good nite
i miss euu mom and dad
see both of euu tomolo

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