Sunday, September 13, 2009

outin wib family

outin wib family on Friday
we had a dinner in Klang,Banting
tat was my sis-in-law's dad buffday party
before it
mask for beauty
we departed at 10++ at nite
cuz waiting my Mr.Aien bak from Ipoh
he was be invite for photoshooting during the dinner
and we reached there at 1++midnite
kinda tired and quickly slept
Mr.Aien puppy

we went to seaside after breakfast on the next day

Mr.Aien and I went for photoshooting there
1st time use my brother's camera
quite cool!
after tat we went bak to sleep
cuz we had a dinner on 7pm
before dinner
we helped Cookie made up
my bro Mr.Aien helped her dreesed up
and I helped Cookie tied up her hair
many children play wib Cookie
Mr.Aien so bother and scared she'ill scare
so I be in charge to protect her

I helped Mr.Aien for photoshooting during dinner
2nd time to touch his camera

its kinda heavy actually
there had two camera
and we changed and changed to shoot
I was like so pro...but actually I'm not
many time bro helped me
cuz I'm not as professional as him
then I rest and play wib Cookie
suddenly there was a guy cum forward me and smile
he wanna played wib my puppy
he crouch and asked
wats it's name?
it's 9 month izzit?
erm..i think is...I dunno also...cuz its my brother's puppy
after a while he leave
and turned bak chill wib his fren
he speaked Chinese wib his frenz
why he speaked Eng wib me?
my mom said
he wanna challenge euu
anyway...luckily I can faced it
cuz my English quite lousy
we bak on 11.30++
reached home 2.30++
said bye to Cookie
he gonna followed my bro bak to Ipoh
quickly sleep cuz so tired
look forward to my photo at the seaside
waiting my bro,Mr.Aien to upload...

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