Wednesday, June 16, 2010

recollection my ❤

everytime I on my Facebook
"NS life" "kumpulan 2 siri 7" "we love PLKN"...
there've many photos appear on the main page
hey...I dam hate lar!
it always make me lost cantrol and click into it for a view
it make me fondly remember my buddies
I leave there almost 2 weeks
but I still miss my friends dam much!

before I going there
I was like "oh my god...why I've been selected!"
I still can remember Mr.Rosli told me tat
"sekarang u tak nak datang, bila u balik, u nangis tau!"
now I understand =)

for those who close with me during NS
I think some guys will be my strangers after tiz
I think is a pity very much...
but I should say to you all as HE said to me...
"I'm nice and glad to know you here~"

Is the fate lets us be acquainted with one another
I'm straight from my heart...
I miss you all
I love you guys!

I my NS life

I'm preparing my self to the new school
stay tune ❤

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