Sunday, June 20, 2010

1399 ♥

I'm dam tired weyh...
juz back from Ipoh watching my Aien unplug live band
well...we're late and juz heard 4 songs only

any different?
yea I dye my hair >.<
I think tat's too black for me like fake
but Junnie said very nice and pretty...
hmmm...I don't care lar
no choice wad...>.<

a stimulate things was happend to me this afternoon
I really panic and almost got heart attack
but tats a secret
dam shame of this la xP
I bought a lesson today =)
and the guy who gived fuck to me really fucking sohai la
I can't stop laughing inside my heart when i think bak ur action
hahaha xD

hmm...almost settle bout the NS gathering
hope everything will be okay =)
I miss u guys larr!

wanna have breakfast with darly later
wait a is 1399 with him yea
一生久久 rite?
I my darly
see you later my
Happy Father's Day to my papa!!

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