Sunday, June 13, 2010


"hey hey hey~~"
I miss Pak Nga's announcement...
I miss your voice man!

I bought my school uniform yesterday...
actually I damn hate form 6
dunno wat wrong with me...finally I still choose tat
I damn hate my student look larrr!

hang out with betie just now to mamak stall
keep chatting loudly dere
wat the heck to those malay guys
they keep looking on me
and finally they use their hp recording me
f*** you lar!

ishhh...wats wrong wib Facebook huh?
I can't see anythings eventho someone leave comment for me
I keep on refresh also useless

FIFA World Cup start!
all football fever keep watching on it but I'm not xP
all my boyz frens keep talking bout it
for damn bored =(

at last...I need to say

I my hub

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