Monday, November 23, 2009

A PosT

hey readers~
now I post up my dialog with him
I promise Ching and my cousions will post up tiz

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 17:55
u are very pretty

Evia Wong 11月23日 17:57

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:02
y thank me.i am junior and want to be ur u have a boyfriend

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:04
yes...I have a boyfriend~

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:07
ur boy is very u mind if i become ur second boyfriend because i also love u from the first dayb i saw u which is today

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:10
Sry...I just love my boyfriend who is my only one~

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:12
really i can see vu love him very much.but do u want me to suffer of not been loved by the one i loved.just gimme a chance without ur boy knowing about us

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:16
really sry...I'll not do tat~we can just make a friend~

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:20
sure we can be but u are very faithful to ur boyfriend.i am also in love with u so wqt do u want me to do

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:23

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:25
i cant do anything without u.all i ask for is a i ugly

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:28
u can do watever without me~no...not ur look's problem...just I cant feel any love with u

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:30
do u know with time our love will develope. i believe love is like a seed.the more u water it the more it grows

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:37
but I dun wan a complicated relationship~I already have a boyfren...I just love him...we already together 3 years...we will plan to get marry~

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:41
ok since u dont love i will go my way then.i am hurt and broken hearted.i wish u all the best in ur marriage

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:43
but remember me and wish me well ton get a girlfriend as beautiful as u are i still love u

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:44
thanks~wish you can find ur true love in ur life~take care^^

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:49
when then will u do ur wedding

Romeo Jonathan Dowona 11月23日 18:52
do u have a friend or a sister who is not engaged and is beautiful as u

Evia Wong 11月23日 18:55
maybe we will plan next year or next two years~I have those friends...but...most of them got boyfriend~

yea..he is a negro from facebook who is in my boyfrend's friend list~
euu guys can click his name to view his photo~

today I had an unhappy moment with my boyfriend
not bout the negro but is the big boobs guy
就算道歉了 我的心情也沒有好起來
對 我很敏感 我承認
我很不爽 我不開心
你能不能 會不會 調換角色一下 想下我做莫會不爽
我真的沒想到你會這樣來罵我 你很過分
當時我的眼淚就快掉了 那一刻我在懷疑 你是不是愛我的 爲什麽你可以這樣罵我 爲什麽你捨得
我的心被插了一刀 幸好 沒有死掉

駱垌豪 對不起
原諒我的自私 對你自私的愛


  1. dun be sad le lah~
    maybe he onli scare u will leave him leh~
    cheer up gal~

  2. 好cheong kong嗯那個黑人