Friday, October 30, 2009

lil news

cute DingDing wib me
today hang out wib bestie
we planned to go Salim but rain
so we changed to KFC
chit chatting loudly like mamak store
muahaha xD
today we had a gerak gempur exam for History
we had did sumthin like crazy
although it's not the 1st time
I enjoy it xD
took many photos wib classmate recently for the slide show during graduation
I love my classmate
I love my bestie
appreciate our relationships and the moment tat we had spent together
love euu all guys!
I haven upload those photos
sorry guys...I'm so lazy lar...
anyway...I will do it after my mum back from melacca
ohh yea...
my mum go Melacca tomolo wib my nephew
I can do watever I like...teehee...
I had spent too much time wib frenz and deary recently
I have no heart to study even till now
mati gao gao lat liao...
juz study a lil bit History and did sum excersices only
my mum owez scold me tiz few days
I thought she having a bad mood recent
I give up the camp for 988DJ training course
even though it's a opportunity for me to know bout the mass com
but I'll not changed my planed to work at Genting
I want money
I need money
anyway...I can study mass com in college
I more prefer...MY FM^^
I most yearn to be a news broadcaster!

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