Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm feeling good now
thx all my frenz
who are not so familiar wib me
but still care bout me
thx sumone who listen me vent my grievances yesterday nite
I misunderstood him...
deary promise me will not have any contact wib her anymore
my six sence tell me she wanna tempt my deary
I hate tat gal...damn hate
accompanied deary in his own shop today
chit chat...playing computer games
I bought my laptop to him to format yerterday
free of charge^^
muahaha xD
bluek =P
canceled our plan to Kampar
cuz Bearbear din't have car to fetch us
so I went deary house after bak from his shop
played wib Ding Ding
but also helped deary's mum throwed Ding Ding's smelly shitz
really naughty puppy lor
but cute
sweet wib deary too
no heart to study recently
how cum?
try to control myself

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