Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mzai birthday ♥

We had celebrated Mzai birthday on 26th at Moven Peak Greentown. It's super bad! We all not satisfied with it even food and service. >< I think 嘆世界is better than this.
Mzai, Me, Mimi
I had a long time didn't hang out with them. (Just remember our date already cancel twice) ><
Happy Birthday to you

Choosing friends wisely is the first line of defense against bad relationships, but everyone makes mistakes in judging the the character of some people. Disloyal friends not only bring heartache and drama to your life, but they can be toxic to your other relationships and cause health problems from the stress you carry. Get rid of your disloyal friends asap.

So, I doesn't need a disloyal friend. And I've learnt after something happened around me.

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