Sunday, December 6, 2009

marriage and myself

long time din self shot
tats my look when I attend the wedding dinner
many teachers praised me pretty and gorgeous
muahaha xD happy happy and happy
my alien Aien bro said so shok~wakaka xD
but at the same time...he said is FAKE de=.=

I went to Bagan Serai on 5th Dec to attend the pretty teacher's wedding dinner
I'm so satisfy wib my made up tat day
I made up wib my teacher,Miss Lim
who is standing behind me
she is so fashion and funny
we can chat many when we together
maybe she'll get marry next year dad

when he was singing
cool man
he is a he can sing well
both of them are pretty and handsome
see...I'm dark T.T
the next morning we went to have our breakfast
after tat we went to saw 接新娘
it is not easy to marries the bride xD
need to 过关斩将
whuahaha xD really funny
wish their love can be last forever
I had some problems wib my darly recently
really suffer wib tiz few days
so today we had meet and solved the problems
tears had gone
we'll appreciate
sorry darly...I love you
I'll bring you the love love sweet to you tomolo
eat together ya^^
I should thank Jzen and Hui Ching
one becum a 和事佬 and one who console me
thx lot lot both of euu
I'm speechless wib tiz gal
I really dun like her
acting like so friendly
and 一D都唔識do
okay...I dun care
thx Jzen stand by me
I'll not hate who anymore
it's suffer and useless
I'll try to be fren to all
p/s: Oppss...hungry now...

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