Monday, February 28, 2011

my first performance

hey peeps! Do you guys know what Im excited last time? Im invited by Mangroove Band to be a vocalist on wedding dinner! Wow, you know, this's what a good try for me!

Jia Wei, who is my bro's friends a.k.a Mangroove Band member, we meet when we jamming at the studio during CNY. He said that my singing skills not bad and he so appreciated =)

On Friday afternoon, he called me suddenly and asked me to be his girl vocalist during the wedding dinner on Saturday. You knew Im like OMG and I thought it's need to remind the lyrics so I said NO. Then he said" No need, we got lyrics and you can just see and sing!" Then I said okay lur...!

On Sat noon, Jia Wei and his friends a.k.a Mangroove Band members came and fetched me for lunch. We went to Jia Wei's house practiced then. They praised im good singing, teehee...
After having a shower and ate something, we went to Kok Thai restaurant at 5 p.m. for prepared.
Dinner start at 7.30 p.m. and end at 10.30 p.m.
p/s: our Mangroove Band is a live band not karaoke. =)

The bride and groom with Mangroove Band
(from left to right)
The Papa, Hoong Seng, Neng, Me, bride and groom, Jia Wei, Ah Lai and the kids

Ah Lai, me and Neng
Next stage, we went to the studio to meet my bro and my hubby boy.
Jamming a while first!
my lovely boy and me ♥
This is the first time that I join this! I love to sing like this! It's so fun and I can earn some pocket money too! Ya, they keep praising me that Im well done even this is my first performance! And I've been added up in the list of Mangroove Band member =P
Thanks Mangroove Band gimme a chance and I really enjoy this!

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