Saturday, January 22, 2011

shopping day

I do shopping with my boy and his beloved family yesterday. Got up at nine sumthin with hubby and waited for his family reached to Tesco. I am freaking hungry while I waiting for them!

Almost eleven, we went to Tesco and had our Roti Boy while waiting his family.
Finally, his family reached after 15 mins. Then we shopped shopped shopped...!
Actually I am just accompanied his daddy and mummy =)

Had our lunch at Stadium after shopping. I had tried the 湯圓豆腐花 that recommended by Issac last time! hmm, I think is okay...I love the Dou Hu Hua, but i dun like the Tang Yuan...because it got peanut inside.

My boy received a call then. So, he had to work and her mummy asked me to shop with her, then I said okay lurr...
Next, we went to Jusco. His daddy mummy keep doing shopping. Luckily his sis keep joking with me, so I wont felt boring...bahaha!

His mummy felt tired then, so I bought her to food court and brought some drinks. My boy meet us then after finished his work.
So, we continue...
I was like a aunty...

Around five, His parents fetched me going back to home after we went to the Pet Shop!

Haven end here peeps!
I got my next stage!

Hanging out with Lily around six sumthin. Guess what? went to K Box then!
K Box having Happy Hour at 6-8 p.m just for membership, fyi.
We just sing for an hour, becouse Lily had late to here okay! We still have fun!
I just want to practice my songs for the live band soon.

I had bought a make up remover tissue from The Face Shop.
I haven try this before, but friend recommended to me, so I have a try =)

My house mates fetch me to Pasar Malam then. And we had laksa for our dinner! I really love laksa eventho I am not a good spicy eater. bahaha!
But I really f*ck the uncle who touch me at Pasar Malam. Please go home and touch your wife or you can pay for prostitute to f*ck her but don't touch me! Uncle, you will get what you do to me yesterday!

Anyway, it's still a nice day for me! I Love like this!

I am busying to practice my songs right now...
need to memorize those lyrics, make me fainted...

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