Friday, October 29, 2010

some Info

hey, am here! Long time did't update my bloggie. Imma busying my assignments, presentation, and it's my final assignments u know! hmm, I almost spent 60% just doing my art works in one day! After coll just start doing my assignments non-stop till almost 9 p.m just bath and take my dinner, after that continue it. Woo...what a crazy life! enjoying this with both of my roommates and also classmates, cheers!

and yea, I forgot to intro my art work on the top. This is my sketching which I love so much! That's a poodle =) Izzit nice? I really like it!

I miss my darly so much, I hope that every weeks can be with him, yet, He's so busy, and I also. I really look forward to my holidays! X'mas and 2011 countdown party, I wanna join and have some fun!

okay, let's turn back to here, am now joining a contest, I hope you guys can vote me, I really hope can get some cash to buy a DSLR . I need it, seriously!!!

Click the link below and click LIKE to vote me if you willing.

and yea, I hope you can do this la! As easy as abc rite?
Thank you who are voted me there.

need to sleep now! byeee~

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