Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nicky's BD Club nitez


Nicky invited dear and me to his brithday
so Charles came and fetch us bout 7++

9 30p.m. reached Hotel Kepong,KL
5 ppl in 1 room

tau pak him^^

after resting...
clubbing time!

Sanctuary The Curve

clubbing DJ

she is Sanctuary's boss^o^

Pawser, Nicky, Mok, Charles, Sathrine, dear and me

small cake for Nicky

Happy Birthday Nicky!


yeah...new friends
we knew each others when dancing

dancing right now

dear and me
just dance

cutie dear^^

deardear n me^^
we dance, cigarettes, alcohols

there got a guy cou ngoo shui
he touch me a few time when dear away
and drink my cup of alcohol too!
after tat he cum and said to my dear
wat can we do? cannot fight ma!!

about 3a.m.
club closed and we changed e-mail wib new friends
after tat we gonna leave and went for supper
hate that guy when we're eating
talking like sohai

back hotel after tat
shower, watched TV, chatting
till 5 a.m we juz slept
slept wib deardear felt so heng fuk
he is a good pillow for me...cuz he is fat ma
haha >.<

next day 12 p.m cheak out
we went Wong Kok for lunch
cuz Nicky's BD, it free a superbig milk tea
really so big...>.<

after tat we go Brem Mall for bowling
deardear won it, hou geng ar~~
after tat we went for movie
it's nice and funny!

I'm vry happy wib tiz 2 days
thx Charles fetch us to everywhere
but 7 ppl in 1 Civic very suffer=.=

SPM result come out on 11th
very gan jiong...>.<

next post soon ♥

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