Friday, November 19, 2010


YEY! I already finished all my 30 fruits sketching! spent 5 days rushing for 27 sketch, clap clap for myself C=

hmm, I am so busy and spend all the time to my assignment, it's my final next month, I've plane myself that I wanna finish all my assignments this weeks! and next, ready for my assesments! God bless! Altho that's just 24 hours per day, but I can finish my works! whuahaha, clap clap again! I just can said that, I appreciated my time and I know how to use my precious time. Plus, I still got time for fun and with my hub boy. I need to plan for myself, this is what I always remember that someone said to me.

Last two day was Hari Raya Haji right? that day Amy and I went to shopping for buying dresses, that's for final exam, presentation day C= I really lurve my dress that I bought! I really look forward to wear it...XOXO

okie, this two days am enjoy my holidays much. So then I need to sleep early today and ready for class tomorrow, buai =)

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